Happenings At The Cow Early 2014


Open 365 days at 3pm (noon on Saturdays)

2014 Mug Club & Goblet Club.    50 Mug Club Annual Memberships $100.

                                                       25  Goblet Club Annual Memberships $100

Cow Merchandise.                     T-Shirts $14.75, Caps $14.75, Hoodies $29.75

WINTER DANCE IV            Saturday, February 1st, 7pm.  Fire & Ice Bar

COUNTRY VALENTINE                Friday, February 14th , 7pm.

 BARB PIPER CD RELEASE PARTY                 Friday, February 28th, 7pm

 ST. PATRICKS WEEKEND    Saturday 3/15 – Monday 3/17, Fire & Ice Bar

 MOVIE MATINEE & POPCORN   Saturdays     3pm-5pm     Program soon.

 CONSPIRACY & A PINT               Tuesdays 6pm

  • 1/14       “Apocalypse No!” by Lord Monckton (re Global Warming)
  • 1/21       “The Man who Killed JFK – the case against LBJ” by Roger Stone
  • September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor (1/3) by      Massimo Mazzucco
  • September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor (2/3)
  • September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor (3/3)
  • The Senator Wellstone Assassination by Jim H Fetzer

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